Your Inspection – What to Expect

So, this may or may not be your first experience with a home inspection. Whether you past experiences were good or bad, at Canadian Shield Home Inspections your experience is our top priority.

First, we believe that having a simple  and easy to navigate website is our first step. We do not believe in bombarding you with information that can easily be found via a Google search, which often visitors never read, and or become frustrated, leave and move on to a competitor. A fancy website does not guarantee experience, knowledge or how good the inspector(s) will be. We believe after you meet one of our inspectors you will have total confidence.

Second, we believe you should know what to expect before you even meet our inspectors. Thus, we have provided a general overview of how your inspection will proceed. Please keep in mind that not all inspections are the same and at times circumstances may lead to a deviation of one step or another.

What to Expect

A.   You have booked and received confirmation of the inspection date & time

B.   You have received and accepted our contract

C.   Inspector arrives at home on time and greets you (family, friends & realtor)

D.   Inspector explains how he/she will be proceeding with the inspection

E.   Inspector invites you to follow along and ask questions as he/she proceeds

F.   Now for the inspection:

  • The inspector begins with the exterior, then the roof
  • Inside the home, the inspector begins in the basement (if applicable) starting with the electrical, then plumbing, followed by the heating & cooling appliances
  • While still in the basement the inspector will do two passes: 1st, looking at the foundation & structure; 2nd, to evaluate everything else
  • Once the inspector is satisfied & your questions answered he/she will move to the highest point in the house (developed attic, 3rd or 2nd floor, or main floor) and evaluate each room checking doors, windows, electrical, and or plumbing when applicable
  • The inspector will move from the highest point working his/her way to the main floor
  • The final stage with inspecting the attic

G.   After all areas of the home have been evaluated and your questions      answered the inspector will reiterate the key deficiencies, if any were found. Of course, because you have followed along you already know what they are

H.   When everyone is satisfied the inspector will collect payment (cash, debit or credit)

I.     Within 12hrs you will receive your inspection report electronically. You are free to contact the inspector with any questions you may have

You now have all the information about the property’s condition to make the best buying decision.