Why Hire Us

Quite simply, we are completely committed to doing the best we can to ensure you purchase your home with confidence.

We have the latest training from the most respected institution, Carson Dunlop & Associates. Who are a stakeholder working with the government of Ontario in establishing the licensing of the home inspectors. And who have help establish the licensing in both Alberta and British Columbia.

We are members of the Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors (OntarioACHI) and abide by their Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

So why hire us?

Beyond the training, standards, code of ethics and being a home inspector. We feel it is the little things, such as using a certified Flir Thermal Imager at no extra charge, which we use in combination with a certified Flir Moisture Meter. In using these valuable tools together, we are able to use their information to evaluate conditions found in a home.

We are professional, courteous, friendly and good people. Our communication skills are off the charts. The reporting software we use, Discover Horizon, is second to none – period. And how much would it mean to you to have an inspection report that you can easily go back to after your inspection, that is both easy to understand and super informative. Each time you review your personalized home inspection report you will know you chose the best because…

Knowing Is Your Best Protection

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