Buyer’s Inspection

– the best home inspection you will receive

Seller’s Inspection

– the best home inspection you will receive with the option of a Summary report to be available to prospective buyers

Condominium Inspection

– the best home inspection you will receive catered to the condo environment

New Home Inspection – Coming Soon

Home Condition Report

– the best home inspection you will receive with the addition of a Summary report outlining the areas that should be considered priority for maintenance, replacement, or repair.  *Often home owners prefer this report to get a snap-shot of their home’s condition after many years of habitation and use it to plan future maintenance or renovations.

Consult Inspection

– this is a new inspection option for individuals that do not require a complete home inspection. We have three categories to chose from:

                     1. Roof/Attic            2. Electrical              3. Plumbing

*If there is an area of your home that you would like an inspection on that is not listed above, please feel free to contact us.


*If your property does not fall into these categories,      please contact us for a quote here.

HST is included in all prices

Home inspection – Single family dwelling, or up to 2500 square feet $350.00
Home inspection – Homes 3000 square feet or more $450.00
Home inspection – Multiple dwelling, 2 units $500.00
Home inspection – Multiple dwelling, 3 to 4 units $600.00
Condominium Inspection $250.00
Home Condition Report $350.00
Consult Inspection – Choose one of the following:               Roof/Attic     –     Electrical     –     Plumbing $125.00

What’s does your home inspection cover?

Your home inspection includes inspecting the exterior and landscaping of the around home. This includes decks, sidewalks, drainage, window wells, roof, windows, gutters and downspouts. Detached and or attached garages are considered a part of the home inspection, thus no additional charge is applied.

The inspection of the interior of the home includes, inspecting all major systems, such as; heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical; and the structure & insulation where visible.

During the inspection we open all doors and windows and test all kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

We inspect your attic for signs of moisture, lack of ventilation, proper and adequate insulation coverage. *We do not look for vermiculite or asbestos insulation specifically. However,  because we are thorough in our inspection of the attic if we suspect we have found either of these materials we will mention it. Please refer to our contract and the *OntarioACHI Standards of Practice.

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